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Middle East Youth Summit 2024

About Middle East Youth Summit (MEYS) 2024

Middle East Youth Summit (MEYS) 2024 is a program initiated by Youth Break the Boundaries (YBB). The aim of the activity to build the spirit youth leadership and prepare excellent future leaders, by using a moral based approach to education that focusing on instilling nationalism character values and international culture for youth generation.

The Middle East Youth Summit is not just a gathering of young leaders from around the world but also sharing their experiences on how they are taking actions in their communities to protect and empower youth in building the nation.

Youth Break Bounderies (YBB)

YBB is an organization that focuses on all instruments regarding the development and empowerment of youth to prepare excellent future leaders by promoting strong identity and character and also providing noble values for the youth.

In order to achieve consistency in building the youth character, YBB continues to create various innovations in youth activities. Since 2017, YBB has held many International Youth Summits in many countries such as Turkey, and Malaysia. This year we are initiating the program in Saudi Arabia.

The focus of YBB on the Middle East Youth Summit (MEYS) 2024 program is to transfer ideas, knowledge, and urgency to young people regarding unity among Muslim countries all over the world. Through this program, we will learn about the design of Muslim community development that can be implemented in our society, and country. Not only that, but the selected youths will also learn many things from various countries' perspectives, which will greatly help strengthen networks worldwide.

Why join MEYS?

This summit is not only a meeting hub for the world's Muslim youth but also the delegates can perform Umrah and worship in one of Haramain mosques (Mecca).

What is the event about?

MEYS aims to provide opportunities for young people to be active and connect with youth around the world with a spiritual and intellectual enhancement so as to build leadership character. The program will intend to achieve 3 main goals:

  • Connecting young Muslim leaders from various countries and backgrounds
  • Giving spiritual experiences to young Muslim Leaders
  • Developing and empowering an impactful Muslim community.