Become a Part of the Expansive Middle East Youth Summit Family as an Ambassador!

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Become a Part of the Expansive Middle East Youth Summit Family as an Ambassador!

Tuesday, October 31, 2023 21:37

If you want to positively influence those around you and be a part of the youth empowerment movement in your country, consider participating in the Middle East Youth Summit program taking place in February next year. 


Becoming an ambassador for this program offers several benefits, including enhancing your English skills and the chance to receive funding for the 2024 Middle East Youth Summit program in Makkah. You can also prepare yourself for ambassador roles in other Youth Break Boundaries programs.


For the 2024 Middle East Youth Summit, we have received enthusiastic participation from young people worldwide. After a rigorous selection process, we are proud to introduce our ambassadors from various countries:


Group 1:

- Aisya Ilyasi Fatmala

- Ali Abdulelah Ali Ahmed

- Ardhi Nur Ikhsan

- Bourzik Ghita


Group 2:

- Christian Ambrosius Diaz

- Ferly Arvidia Anindita

- Jantri Pinem

- Kerolos Maged Aziz Ibrahim


Group 3:

- Khadeeja Ather Abbasi

- Khodijah Mustaqimah

- Laily Pratiwi

- M Farhan Nugraha Ronaldi


Group 4:

- Mezzaluna Humaira Awanti

- Moh Suma Firman Romadhoni

- Mughnika Alimmaristya Muazzam


As an ambassador, there are specific guidelines you should follow to fulfill your duties:


Reels Guidelines:

1. Record videos in the optimal size of 1080 x 1920 pixels (vertical orientation).

2. Include the YBB and MEYS logos in your video.

3. Ensure a minimum duration of 20 seconds.

4. Incorporate viral audios or elements.

5. Use engaging transitions.

6. Add text to your video as needed.


You can submit your video through this: Please note that the deadline for content submissions is daily at 17:00 (GMT+7). Don't miss this opportunity to make a positive impact and grow together as youth empowerment pioneers!